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hungaria feather processing ltd

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The company Hungaria Down Processing Ltd., is located in the South-Eastern part of Hungary in a little town on the Great Hungarian Plain which town is called Mezõkovácsháza.
You can find here the best soil of Hungary and the surroundings are suitable for excellent agricultural production. Besides of cultivation of vegetables there is a highly developed animal husbandry and in its frames the breeding of gees has great tradition in the neighbouring farms as a result of the adventageous climate relationships and good possibilities of production of excellent fodder.
During several years the breeders of geese have collected very valuable productional experiences and so they are able to produce feather raw materials of excellent quality.
The former owner of Hungaria Ltd., was the Mezõkovácsháza Cooperative that started to produce down qulilts, pillows, sleeping bags at the beginning of the 70-s. From the year 1980 Hungaria Ltd. started to d... [Details]