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 Naturtex Wool, Feather and Down Processing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Its main activity is production of pillows and duvets filled with feather/down, wool or other natural or synthetic material. Our company also distributes different home textiles on a wide scale. The supply of Naturtex includes moe than 500 different products. Naturtex is the leading brand in dealing with bedding production in Hungary, but most part – about 70% – of our income (which takes almost 11.000.000 EUR per year) comes from our export activities. Naturtex’s share of the Hungarian bedding market is 34%. The number of our regular retail costumers takes more than 350 – like furniture chains (for example KIKA), super- and hypermarkets (e. g. Tesco), independent home textile shops, plus our institutional buyers (hotels, pensions, dorms, hospitals, etc.).
Our main export products are quilts and pillows filled with high-quality Hungarian down. We have business ... [Details]